Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Homestead Act of 1862 and a Mouth full of Molars

Ashlyn had to complete a project for her school's History Fair.  The theme had to be about a Turning Point in history.  She did her project on The Homestead Act of 1862: Pioneer Life, and created a diorama that showed Almonzo and Laura Wilder's homestead claim and tree claim in South Dakota.  Her project won a blue ribbon.

Here is what she wrote for her project:
Explain why you became interested in researching your topic.
"I was interested in Laura Ingalls Wilder, and she was a pioneer girl, so I decided to pick this for my topic to learn more about pioneers."
List three things that you learned about your topic.
1. "I learned that the government said that there was free land that people could have."
2. "To get that free land, the people had to first sign the paperwork and live on it for five years and either farm on it or plant 100 trees on it, and of course, they had to build a building on it."
3. "I learned that some people left the big cities to go and get that free land."

Aiyana has also been busy lately...busy getting more teeth.  She now has four molars (that I know of...I have quit checking for new teeth because she bites really hard), which would explain why she has been so crabby the past couple of weeks. 

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