Saturday, June 1, 2013

End of the School Year

Ashlyn had a busy week to finish the school year.  On Tuesday she went on a field trip to go rollerskating.  This was the first time she had ever gone skating and she was very worried that she wouldn't be able to skate.  Well, she did just fine and ended up winning at Limbo.  She enjoyed the slushy that she received as a prize.

On Tuesday evening we attended the end-of-the-year award ceremony at her school.  She received the "Detail Expert" award because she "always has some extra details to add to everything that is taught."  She was proud of her award.

Wednesday was her last day of kindergarten.  She was excited about cleaning her desk with shaving cream, and she was happy to be done with the school year. 

On Thursday we went to the Water Park of America (courtesy of HopeKids) to celebrate the beginning of summer vacation.  Ashlyn and Aiyana both had lots of fun playing in the water all afternoon. 

Yesterday we took Ashlyn and Aiyana to the public library for the first time.  Ashlyn decided that it is a wonderful place to go and is looking forward to making weekly visits throughout the summer.