Monday, April 1, 2013

Celebrating Ashlyn's 6th Birthday

It has been a busy weekend celebrating Easter and Ashlyn's birthday.  On Thursday, we celebrated Ashlyn's 6th birthday together as a family.  She requested going out to dinner at McDonald's (one with a PlayPlace, of course), so we had dinner together with Grandma and Grandpa at McDonald's.  As one of Ashlyn's birthday gifts, we also agreed to take her to Half-Price Books and let her spend $20 on books.  She was very excited about this, and thoroughly enjoyed picking out eight new books for herself (she received some other books as gifts as well, so she'll have new reading material for a while). 

Today we had a tea party-themed birthday party with family and friends at our house.  This included special Birthday Tea and Lemon Tarts rather than a birthday cake because Ashlyn decided that a birthday tea party must include lemon tarts (we also had raspberry and blueberry tarts, and chocolate cupcakes).  She had a fun time playing with her friends and drinking tea.