Monday, October 31, 2011

Lynnea's Birthday

Lynnea would have been three years old today.  In order to mark this occasion, Ashlyn and I baked cupcakes, just as we did last year.  I think this will be our yearly tradition. 

I thought that Lynnea's birthday this year would be easier than it was last year when her death was still so fresh in our minds, but this year wasn't really any easier.  This year the reality hit that every year her birthday will come, and every year she will not be here to celebrate it with us. 

We spent time today remembering her and some of the best moments that we had here with her.  While remembering her, of course, it is always impossible to only remember the best times; all of the suffering that she went through cannot be forgotten.  The comfort still comes from knowing that, this year for her birthday (and everyday), she doesn't have to hurt or suffer at all because she is in heaven where there are no more tears and no more owies.  I am happy that she gets to spend her birthdays in such a wonderful place, even though I miss her so much.